Data Acquisition
Systems with
Removable Media


LLI has designed and built the first in a series of products that will combine mass storage with high-resolution analog-to-digital conversion. These products can serve as stand-alone remote data logging systems or as conventional computer-based data acquisition systems, or somewhere in between. With LCD display and Keypad options, the system can function as a portable voltmeter or thermometer or other portable instrument with appropriate sensors connected. At the other extreme, these systems can be built into a bench instrument with only a computer for access. The system can provide analog acquisition, digital I/O and analog output control functions while archiving up to 1 Gigabyte of data on CompactFlashTM.

The fundamental functional blocks are the core CPU, the CompactFlashTM slot, the high resolution A/D converter, and a TCP/IP or RS-232 computer interface. Optional plug-in modules will include LCD display, keypad, signal conditioning, and battery power pack.

The second device in this series is an audio recorder that could also be useful as a data acquisition system. The effective resolution is 20 bits and the data rate is up to 48 KHz for two channels. The low frequency response has been extended beyond the normal audio range down to 5 Hz.

Because CompactFlashTM demands surface-mount technology, these new systems will be smaller and lighter than our previous product offerings. The core processor is powerful and relatively easy to program, so we can customize quickly for specialized purposes. Please contact the factory for more information about specific applications, as well as for pricing and availability.


Last Modified 2-28-12