About IniTool.exe
IniTool.exe  is a utility designed to create a configuration file for use with the M201. Below is a link to a screenshot of how the application looks when it's first loaded

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IniTool.exe  automatically starts with default configuration parameters filling all the boxes that appear on it's main panel. If you already have an  M201_SP.INI  file that you've created and have been using, but would like to change a few of the configuration parameters, there is a button which can be used to read your current  IniTool.exe  which you can then change as needed.

The various configuration parameters for the M201 can be changed using  IniTool.exe  and then use the  save and exit  button to write the changes to either an existing  M201_SP.INI  file if one exists, or create a new one if one does not exist. You can also choose to just exit without saving any of the changes you may have made. You can also use  IniTool.exe  as an easy way to view  M201_SP.INI  in a format that may be simpler to understand than would be possible if you were to open  M201_SP.INI  into a text editor and look at it's content.

Below, is a few things that may be of interest when using  IniTool.exe.
1.) Whenever you change the channels and sub-channels settings, be sure to press the  save the above values to memory now  button before proceeding.

2.) A multiplexer must be connected to make use of sub-channels, so if a multiplexer will not be connected, you should set both the low and high channel to zero for any of the main channels that you will want to scan during a scan. Also note that whenever a main channel has it's low channel set to 1 and it's high channel set to 0, that channel will not be scanned.

3.) The minimum scan interval will vary depending on other configuration parameters. After setting all the other parameters, you can either then select from a range of possible scan intervals, or upon exit,  IniTool.exe  will automatically set the interval to the minimum interval based on the other configuration parameters.

Download IniTool.exe