Model 301/302 USB Data Acquisition System

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The Version Checker utility,   "VerChk.exe"   is designed to assist in troubleshooting problems related to communication between various versions of our Device Driver, DLL, .INI file, and .INF file.

Due to some of the complexities associated with unitial loading and updating of various files when installing USB and similar devices, we've created this utility to help our customers find problems that may be associated with incompatible copies of our files which may either be initially placed on their system, or may accumulate as the result of numerous or incorrect updates.

The Version Checker Utility has various modes of operation. In the simplest mode, it will scan your system for all copies of the following files, and log it's process to a log file,   "VerLog.txt"   in it's current directory.
For WinNT/2K/XP
LL_USB2k.SYS device driver
LL_USB2k.DLL dynamically linked library
LL_USB2k.INF driver installation information - used by Windows installer
LL_USB.INI configuration info - used by our DLL
For Win98/ME
LL_USB.SYS device driver
LL_USB.DLL dynamically linked library
LL_USB.INF driver installation information - used by Windows installer
LL_USB.INI configuration info - used by our DLL
Reading that log file may give you clues to problems that you may be having when trying to interract with the device and/or software. The log file can also be used when interracting with Lawson Labs, Inc. technical support.

A more advanced mode provides a lot of user interactivity with the ability to check your system for any one or all of the files named above and even remove unwanted or unneeded copies.

Within the archive containing   "VerChk.exe",   there is brief documentation to further explain things as well as a sample   "VerLog.txt"   file to show how a log file may look. Before running the utility, be sure the DLL is in the same directory as "VerChk.exe" and that all of your Model 301/302 devices are connected.

As will be explained in the documentation for VerChk, be sure to place VerChk.exe in the same folder where you have the DLL that you are attempting to use, since one of the main functions of the VerChk utility is to determine if the M30x DLL that you are using is the correct one to use with the M30x device driver that you are using.

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