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each application example contains a copy of the DLL that was used at the time it was created
you can either use it or copy the most recent DLL for  Win2k/XP/NT  or   Win98/ME

  LabView style applications

  LINK   Functions demonstrated
_PleaseTryThisTest demonstrates how to interract with the DLL using arrays and strings.
_SimpleExample connect to device,  read a voltage from default channel zero
_GetVersionInfo an example that demonstrates getting the DLL version number and expected driver version.
_ConnectJustOneDevice simple example of DLL function that locates and connects to the first Model-30x device it finds on your system
_ConnectMultipleDevices demonstrates connecting to multiple Model-30x devices. You pass the DLL device ID numbers and rates and it attempts to connect to them. Lets you know which ones it successfully connects to.
_AutoScanEnding connect to a device and then start a scan that will end after the data log file reaches the size that you set.
_MainMulti-Function_App demonstrates connecting to multiple devices at the same time,  channel changing,  reading a single voltage (polled mode),  using scan mode,  writing data to either memory or log file on disk,  sending an analog output,  using digital I/O  and more.
_35b_Related demonstrates an interface for our 35b thermocouple amplifier
_All_VIs listing of all available VIs placed in one location. May make things confusing for some of you but gives a lot of functionality for development.

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