Prior to application installation:

If you have never installed one of our 301/302 devices on your PC, you must first do so using the following procedure:

1.) BEFORE CONNECTING THE USB CABLE to your new 30x device get the correct installation files for your version of Windows at,  "download page."  There are versions there for Win2k/WinXP/WinVista/Win7/Win8 (including 64-bit versions).

Application installation:

NOTE: by default, Windows hides filename extensions (such as .htm, .txt, .exe, etc.) and may even hide files altogether if it considers them a "system" file. If you can't locate the files mentioned below, a Google search or Windows book can explain how to configure your file manager (Windows Explorer) to show file extensions and files that may be hidden.

1.) Create a new folder and extract "" into it.

2.) Follow the installation procedure outlined in "HowToApp.htm" found within the archive.

3.) Locate "LL_USB.CFG", right-click the mouse on it, and choose "notepad" from the option of available programs to "open with". You can list up to 8 device IDs but the app will only try to connect to the ones that are the same type, i.e., either 301 or 302. The .cfg file is supplied with random device ID's. Replace any or all with your device ID(s) and then save it.

4.) Run LL_USB2k.EXE

updated 3-5-14