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What's Different About Lawson Labs Products

  Lawson Labs, Inc. offers a selection of data acquisition and control products for personal computers. Our products are manufactured to the highest standards. All goods are 100% tested. After testing, they are burned-in for a minimum of 48 hours and tested a second time. Lawson Labs products are proven reliable in the industrial environment. We provide the maximum overvoltage protection without compromising performance. Specifications are conservative. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Lawson Labs was formed in 1981. Despite our liberal return policy, we have had no returns due to product non-performance. While our products carry a one-year warranty covering parts and labor, we have yet to charge for retail service or support.

Lawson Labs has standard products to accept analog signals from almost any sensors or instruments and convert them to digital form. We favor high-resolution analog-to-digital converters. You will notice that our prices are low.

Our design philosophy is specifically focused on maximizing the price/performance ratio. We do not load our products down with seldom-used extra features. Often, those bells and whistles are designed for product comparison charts instead of for actual use. Those extra features raise the price and power consumption, complicate operation, reduce reliability and increase the likelihood of incompatibility. The added complexity also raises the level of electrical background noise and consequently reduces the stability of the measurement itself. Gimmicky products have shorter lives in the marketplace. Shorter market life translates into higher cost. Our first A/D converter for PC type computers (Model 140), was a straightforward high-resolution card that remains useful 30 years later, we still keep the Model 140 in stock.

Second, our operating costs are low. Our facilities are modest. The advertising budget is small. You won't see any full-page color ads for Lawson Labs. Most of our new customers are referred by our existing ones. Designing-in extra reliability helps to keep service costs low. Concise manuals with sufficient information for the beginner, as well as for the experienced programmer, minimize start-up problems. A large majority of our customers install their systems without needing assistance.

Third, our pricing philosophy is a little different. Most computer products are priced according to what the market will bear. We feel that inflated pricing is self-defeating in the long run. We prefer to pass our savings on to our customers.

With rare exceptions, we give the software away. We realize our competition has chosen a different approach, but persist so that you, too, can choose. There are sample applications, with source code, available for free download at our web site for all our more popular products. Some older products are supported for DOS, Windows 3.1, and all subsequent Windows versions for multiple programming languages. We provide DLLs for all our data acquisitions systems, and update them as required when a new version of Windows is released. Often, instead of a time-consuming rewrite, our customers need only include the new DLL with their software to get compatibility with the next operating system. Remember, the software updates are free.

If you want customized software for your specific application, please contact us here. We welcome the opportunity to bid on  custom products.  It can be cost-effective to design a custom printed circuit card for applications requiring as few as 50 boards.

Prices include domestic surface shipping. Discounts are available to quantity purchasers. Call for quantity pricing. Every effort is made to keep all standard products in stock at all times.


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