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The Model 57 is a PC AT height, 7/8 length plug-in board for process control. It is optimized for weighing applications but is adaptable to a wide variety of uses. If the particular combination of features it offers doesn't match your application exactly, some circuitry can be left off the board with corresponding cost reduction. For volume applications (100 boards or more) Lawson Labs can tailor a board to your specifications. An Ampro core module XT computer can plug directly into the Model 57 for embedded applications. Note that the analog and digital inputs and outputs are designed to survive in the industrial environment.

4 isolated high level AC or DC inputs

4 isolated high level AC outputs

16 5-volt logic outputs

16 5-volt logic or contact closure inputs

1 isolated 4-20 mA current loop analog input with programmable speed and resolution

2 isolated 4-20 mA current loop analog outputs. 0-10VDC output is also provided.

linearity is 0.1% of full scale

1 isolated event counter input

1 bridge input with sense lines and excitation

20-bit resolution A/D with three pin-programmable gain ranges

analog specifications similar to Lawson Labs Model 141

programmable cut-off frequency 0.5 to 9 Hz

temperature stabilized amplifier for long term stability

watchdog timer

software driver provided


Lawson Labs, Inc. offers a number of semi-custom options for remote data acquisition. The most cost-effective option is to connect the Model 201 to a stand-alone modem. We offer a customized version of the Model 201 that allows high-speed communications over phone lines. We provide the external modem, cable, and software drivers required for remote hosting the Model 201 for $250. Add $30 for the high-speed communications option.

Lawson Labs also offers a PC104-based remote data acquisition system that features substantial flexibility. For many applications, it can economically replace a laptop computer with an external A/D System. These systems are built around our MB1 carrier board. The carrier board provides a PC104 stack, an ISA slot suitable for most bus boards, and a stack for our multiplexers or multiplexed amplifiers.

A typical configuration would use a Model 134, 135, 140 or 141 A/D card in the ISA slot and a PC104 modem for communications. Non-volatile memory can be configured as a 2 Mbyte hard drive. A serial and parallel port are available for further expansion. Our Models 64, 188, or 220 can all be accessed via the parallel port for digital I/O.

Software for the MB1 can be developed on a desktop computer and adapted to run on the PC104 platform. Custom software development is available, or standard PC104 development tools can be used. We have a version of our PC64 Data Logging Software Package adapted for the MB1 with a modem-only interface.

An MB1-based system can cost as little as $1000 (without enclosure). Because of the wide variety of possible configurations, we ask that you contact the factory for a quote.


Contact us for sales or technical assistance   lawsnlab@lawsonlabs.com