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Model 106 Dual-Range Sigma-Delta Counts-to-Volts Converter


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The Model 106 is a positive edge triggered counts-to-volts converter with high and low ranges for maximum flexibility. It is optimized for interfacing to radiation detectors, but is also useful as an upgrade for conventional frequency-to-voltage converters. The counter input is optically isolated and the power ground is kept separate from the chassis ground. These steps insure that the maximum analog accuracy can be obtained under almost any circumstances. The frequency input and analog output ranges can be factory set to suit the application.

The standard ranges are 1 volt out equals 100,000 counts per minute in, and 1 volt out equals 12,000,000 counts per minute in. Both ranges include zero. These ranges correspond to 0 to 1666 Hz and 0 to 200 KHz for a one volt output range. The standard high range extends to 380 KHz at 1.9 volts out. The low range stays linear to over 4.5 volts, or 7.5 KHz (450,000 cpm).

The standard Model 106 is set for 5 volt signals at the counter input. Other voltages can be accommodated. The input signal should be able to source 2 ma in order to drive the optical isolation.

The filtration time constant for the Model 106 can be jumper selected for 0.5 seconds or 2.5 seconds. In the 0.5 second position the output settles to 18 bits in 4 seconds after an instantaneous full-scale step.

Linearity is typically 0.001% of full scale. When used with one of Lawson Labs 24-bit A/D systems, the Model 106 can resolve one Hertz out of 380 KHz.

A BNC connector is used for the input. The output uses a 9-pin D-Sub connector. A matching connecter with hood is supplied.

+12 to +15 volts DC (regulated) at 25 ma.

The Model 106 is supplied in a steel enclosure. Dimensions are 6.0 x 3.7 x 1.250 inches. Weight is 22 ounces, not including the external power supply.

In steel enclosure with power supply and matching connector and hood. $375.00

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