Visual Basic Sample source code
-- a basic visual basic sample application --
-----   Level 2   -----
( basic, yet shows a lot of functionality )   --

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Since the sample source code is rather lengthy, please refer directly to the source code within    .   for more information. The sample shown there demonstrates various ways to interract with the M201_SP.DLL using the following API function calls:


Note that the sample application is designed for interraction by a developer, so for certain functionality such as setting the end-of-scan beep tone, values are hard-coded into the sample application code rather than having some form of entry box where a user of the application can enter specific values. However, some of the interface such as digital I/O does have numeric data entry boxes for an application user. These things were done in order to keep the overall complexity of the code to a minimum while still demonstrating some of the functionality.

Please see the simpler version of VisualBasic sample code  VBSamp.htm  for a view at what of the code and setting up the calls into the DLL should look like.

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I've replaced the actual screenshot images on this page with links to each due to the quantity and size required for the shots of this particular sample application. If you have downloaded this file to your PC, or have a fast internet connect, you can click the following link to show this page complete with all images shown:
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You can also click on any of the following links to show the related screenshot
started and waiting for user input
sent and read digital I/O
screen showing configuration setup information
screen showing what the DLL sees as current configuration
screen showing scan channel configuration options
showing what the DLL sees as current configuration after scan-chan changes   ( note scan interval changed from what was shown in other shot of this screen)
showing data being read during a scan

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