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External A/D Converter Systems
TCP/IP Interface
Model 401 24-bit Delta-Sigma Converter 1000 Hz $495
USB Interface
Model 301 24-bit Delta-Sigma Converter 1000 Hz $350
Model 302 24-bit Delta-Sigma Converter 1000 Hz $450
EMF6 6-Channel Precision Electrochemistry EMF Interface 1000Hz $795
EMF2 2-Channel Precision Electrode Interface 1000Hz $455
M302EXPv1 Process Control Expansion Board for Model 302 1000Hz Starting at $345
M302EXPv3 3-Axis Motor Control Expansion Board for Model 302 1000Hz Starting at $375
Serial Port Interface
Model 201 24-bit Delta-Sigma Converter 300 Hz $495
Model 202 24-bit Delta-Sigma Converter 300 Hz $450
Model 203 20-bit Delta-Sigma Converter 120 Hz $250
Precision Electrochemistry EMF Interface unbundled price   
100Hz $1695
Parallel Port Interface
Model 250 23-bit Converter 5400 Hz $1095
Board Level A/D Converter Systems
Model 141 20-bit Delta-Sigma Converter 3.5 KHz $330
Model 140 15-bit Integrating Converter 7.5 Hz $265
Model 134 16-bit Successive Approximation converter 12 KHz $475
Model 135 Sampling Successive Approximation converter 150 KHz $565
Model 102 12-bit Simultaneous Sampling Converter 90 KHz $895
Multiplexers & Multiplexed Amplifiers
Model 17B Differential Multiplexer 16 channels $165
Model 66 Expansion Module 8 channels $195
Model 20B Thermocouple Amplifier 6 channels $195
Model 35B Thermocouple Amplifier 14 channels $350
Model 20BA General Purpose Amplifier 7 channels $195
Model 35BA General Purpose Amplifier 15 channels $350
Analog Output & Digital I/O
Model 96 Analog Output Card with Digital I/O 2-8 channels $430 min.
Model 188 Solid State Relay Board 8-88 channels $160 min.
Model DO16 Reed Relay Module 16 channels $115 min
Model 64 Low Voltage Digital Input Module 64 channels $245
Model 220 High Voltage Digital Input Module 24 channels $245
Embedded Control
Model 57 20-bit Delta-Sigma Process Control Engine 3.5 KHz $995
MB1 PC104-based Flexible Acquisition System w/ISA slot $750 min.
Other Hardware Products
PDr2 Optically Isolated Power Driver.  Interface to proportional valves, DC motors, and other loads $45
PDr4 Optically Isolated Power Driver. Interface to 48V 1/3HP motors $79
Model 63 Motor Controller for Materials Handling Systems $200
CF Data Recorders Data Acquisition Systems with CompactFlash™ Removable Media call for pricing and availability
Model 108 Frequency-to-Voltage Converter 8 channels $245
Model 105 18-bit Frequency-to-Voltage Converter 380 KHz $260
Model 106 Extended Range Frequency-to-Voltage Converter 380 KHz $375
Model 201-5 5-Channel stacking analog output board for Model 201 2 or 5-channel $200 min.
Model 125 Precision Power Reference 1.25 amps $195
Model 11 Temperature Stabilized Bridge Amplifier module   $205
DOS Applications
PC64 Data Logging Software  ( for bus boards ) $150
PC64GRF Data Logging Software with real-time graphics (for Model 135 only) $150
LOG512 Expanded Capacity Data Logging $150
PC96 Data Logging Software (for Model 201) $150
PC250 Data Logging Software (for Model 250) $150

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this page last reviewed/modified:

  As of 9-27-16, our new signed Win10 driver version 8.15.2016 has been made available from the Windows Driver distribution center. The driver may load at anytime while one of our boards is connected, and will likely do so during any automatic "Win10 update."

The new driver requires a new DLL which can be downloaded by clicking:
    this link

The new DLL is backward compatible, so there is no need to manually install the new driver prior to installing the new DLL. Be sure to put the new DLL into your application folder ( overwrite any already there ).

Complete installation instructions for Win10 HERE

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